[su_box title=”NOW is the time for you to step more fully into your power as a Woman Leader” radius=”5″]“Most of the women I work with have said that they have been experiencing, for some time now, a growing uneasiness, frustration and sense of urgency that their culture is not reflecting the greatest expression of itself. They speak of how maddening and exasperating it is to watch the extreme separation and polarization transpiring in most fields of human concerns – in politics, education, religion, business, the environment, etc. The world they are experiencing isn’t reflective of the world they desire or know is possible. At the same time, most leading thinkers and visionaries are saying that we are presently witnessing an important change in human history and that women and expressed feminine values will be a big part of the solutions and will lead the way forward. There has been no other period in history in which women have had such enormous power and opportunity to create big change. Great leadership – so desperately needed in the world today – requires the healthiest aspects of both the feminine and masculine. It requires the capacity to create interaction, connection, and integration of intellect, body and heart. It requires the ability to execute on a vision in the face of resistance, fear, and doubt. It creates multiple pathways to address problems. It seeks to unite instead of divide.”
Terrie Lupberger[/su_box]


Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling


As a professional woman, we’ve all heard of the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’. The roadblocks we face are both external AND internal. We create internal barriers and unconscious roadblocks that keep us from advancing and playing a bigger game. These internal barriers manifest in the form of negative self-talk, self-limiting beliefs, limiting emotional patterns, and habits of expressing ourselves that don’t serve what we want to create or how we want to be perceived.

In this workshop, our focus is on helping you discover the internal barriers, beliefs and habits that limit your success, contribution, and impact. We also talk about strategies for navigating the external, personal and systemic barriers that we all face.

You will walk away with concrete steps and practices to break through once and for all. You will identify and create a strategy that you can implement immediately to be more effective, engaging and have more impact in your role.

This program is delivered in-house to organizations who want to empower the women to step into a more powerful version of their leadership. The stats don’t lie. The more women in leadership, the better an organization does!

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Women’s Executive Circles

pic2Master your inner game of leadership. Learn the 7 Practices for Masterful Feminine Leadership™.  These proven practices will quiet the self sabotaging messages you send yourself, have you finally address those recurring, nagging leadership issues that keep tripping you up, and have you generate actions that produce consistently great results with less self-sacrifice!

In a safe, small group format (designed to break the isolation and separation so prevalent in leadership today), you will engage in problem solving and new learning that will have you generate a different way of thinking, being, and taking action in whatever field you work in. Drawing on the best of both feminine and masculine approaches to leading (since both are necessary to move action forward in the complex environments you work within) you will:

  • become a more effective, impactful, and unstoppable leader
  • develop solutions to your persistent and complex problems
  • create strategies and tactics that move beyond separation and polarization
  • build your emotional, relational and somatic intelligence
  • execute boldly on an important strategy, goal or vision

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Speaking and Facilitation

Terrie speaks to womens’ groups and facilitates discussions on the topics of WOMEN & POWER and on the essential and pragmatic practices for embedding feminine values into leadership, teams and organizations.

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