Executive Coaching & Talent Development


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Our approach to leadership and talent development is both pragmatic and transformational. We will get you thinking differently and taking new actions that are more consistent with what you most care about. You will:

  • get tools and practices that you can immediately apply to help you lead more effectively in all areas of life
  • be challenged to take a look at what you do and don’t do that keeps getting in your way of what you say you want
  • increase your ability to influence and impact
  • exponentially expand your capabilities to get all your stakeholders to take committed and successful actions towards your goals

If you acknowledge that your same thinking and actions will only produce more of the same and if you’re open to being supported to change your ineffective habits and behaviors then our tailored-to-your needs approach can help you become a more successful professional.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an opportunity to transform performance and provide new frameworks for leading and managing – in any area of life. A powerful development tool for organizations, business leaders and entrepreneurs in this global environment, it is personalized to your or your team’s needs, relevant to your everyday work, and flexible to ever-changing demands.

Shadow Coaching – A powerful variation of executive coaching is to shadow you, in real-time, during your workday, and provide private feedback and ideas for interacting with various stakeholders to maximize effectiveness and connection

Individualized Talent Development

Combining different learning approaches and modalities (such as coaching, consulting, leadership training and teaching) we can create an individualized and customized development program based on the individuals’ needs. The learning process is intentionally designed to address different learning styles and preferences. The process is highly interactive and integrates theory, coaching, and practice supported by extensive leadership materials (written, audio and video). Because the development program is customized it speeds up the learning process allowing your top talent to work quickly through conflict, misaligned cares, leadership challenges and communication issues.

Internal Coach Training

Now, more than ever, organizations are building their own internal coaching culture and training internals to capitalize on the enormous opportunity that coaching is for the organization. Internal coaches can cost less than hiring externals and, with the cost savings, the organization can reach deeper into the organization. Internals also tend to know more about the organization, politics, and systems to navigate. Additionally, organizations and businesses of all types and sizes are requiring a coaching approach among their managers, leaders, HR and Technical professionals.

We can train your leadership team how to lead with a coaching approach. We can train-the-trainer and teach your internal staff how to train others to coach within the organization. Our team of highly skilled and experienced master coaches can:

  • Train and certify your internal coaches and help you develop a successful internal coaching initiative within your organization.
  • Teach your managers and leaders to build their coaching skills
  • Teach coaching skill enhancements to your experienced internal coaches who want to further improve and deepen their competencies

Our internal coach training programs provide powerful and practical coaching distinctions that further the participants’ awareness of and competence in coaching. We teach the core coaching competencies as defined by the International Coach Federation and also offer a coaching model and process that is intentionally designed to address many different learning styles and preferences. The program formats are very interactive with a combination of some theory, group discussion, and individual and group practices.

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