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[su_heading]THE DISRUPTIVE COACH[/su_heading]
A 20 hour, ICF approved, virtual program for ADVANCED COACHES looking to disrupt the status quo in their coaching and in their life!  Begins Begins March, 2018

20+ years after the official launch of the coaching profession, it’s time to re-imagine what’s possible with coaching and to get bolder and more provocative so you can generate more impact with your clients and in the world.

Beyond helping clients capitalize on new opportunities or create strategies and tactics that provide relief from a persistent issue, WHAT IF coaching can also be a force for collective change? for the creation of pathways that help address the complex challenges of our times? for supporting the expansion of consciousness?

As a profession, we are overdue for an update to our interpretations and stories of what it means to be and to coach human beings, at this time on the planet.

In this program we will have conversations long overdue in our profession that will:

-challenge the myths, assumptions and beliefs that you live and coach by

-help you to further develop our own awareness and expand our own thinking, habits and practices

-encourage and support you to push your own coaching edges and the boundaries of our profession

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[su_heading]London, UK – COACHING…THE NEXT GENERATION Pioneering coach training with a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach[/su_heading]
Whether beginner or master you need to know about new developments and different approaches in the fields of coaching and human development. “ITS is once again raising the bar of coaching and offering a truly integrated approach to coaching involving unprecedented collaboration among masters.” Next program begins in the UK in September 2018.
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[su_heading]Singapore – Newfield Asia Learn a powerful ontological approach to coaching and leading[/su_heading]
pic2Considered one of the world’s premiere coaching schools, Newfield Asia’s approach to coaching transforms your world-view and capacity for action while teaching you to coach others for sustainable change. Next program begins in Singapore in January, 2018.
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[su_heading]COACHING EXCELLENCE IN ORGANIZATIONS[/su_heading]Offered by the Institute for Generative Leadership, this graduate-level program is for experienced coaches. It empowers coaches to deliver greater value to clients by showing them how to identify and address the underlying concerns and opportunities in their organizations. This is a must-do if you coach in organizations!
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