Every human being sees the world from a unique reference point that shapes the way they think and take action in life. That’s true for you, too.

The way you think about things and interact with others is what you learned to do – the habits you developed. These habits are pretty much “automatic” or transparent to you most of the time.

That’s actually useful if, say, you’re driving a car. You don’t want to have to be consciously thinking: put my right foot light and steady on the gas pedal, now look in my rearview mirror, now gaze forward and extend my left hand to engage the turn signal, now put that hand back on the wheel and turn it 30 degrees to the right, etc. You want the mechanics of driving your car to be transparent or in the background of your mind.

However, your habits aren’t useful when you want to make changes in your life, create different results, set out on a new path. Some of your habits will keep you stuck and getting the same results and outcomes you have always gotten.

It’s important to understand that your habits have been shaped by many factors over your life – by your family, your history, experiences, culture (especially the messages you take in consciously and unconsciously from the media). These and many other influences have shaped you into the person you now are who has the opinions and beliefs you do, makes the choices you make and gets the results you get (or don’t get).

There is nothing wrong with you because you developed these habits. Your habits have gotten you this far in life. It’s just that if you want to get different results, for yourself or the world, you’ll need to change them.

How do you do that?  By questioning your assumptions and expanding your view of the world, you enlarge your possibilities for action, increase your effectiveness and reduce suffering.  You aren’t stuck with your current approach to life. The habits that are not serving you in generating the future you want are not a fixed property of yours; they can be changed.

 Do you have a new future in mind that would be worth your time and effort to change your habits that are keeping you from it?

Written by TerrieLupberger